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On the customer side – in an open, fair and agile way

Finnish Centre for Pensions - Document management

When nearly a million archived documents and their metadata needed to be transferred from an ancient archiving system to a new one, nothing was allowed to go wrong. A reliable partner was needed to carry out the exact work, so the Finnish Center for Pensions chose Weasel Software.


The Finnish Center for Pensions values ​​a reliable, trustworthy and customer-focused partner, which has – in a good, cooperative – enabled Weasel Software to provide its’ assistance and solutions to a wide range of their problems. For example, we at Weasel Software are currently developing the FCP’s electronic mailing service, which ensures that Finns receive their important pension-related documents.


Our responsibilities include:

  • Document management solutions, identification of needs and simplification of maintenance
  • Developing the document management information system and facilitating its’ administration
  • Application development, application architecture and solution design
  • Project management
  • Professionals for project: Sähke2-services


The technologies used in the service are e.g. Microsoft .Net, C #, TSQL, OpenText eDocs DM, Active Docs, Adlib and Aspose.

Prime Minister's Office Finland - "Sitoumus 2050" -service

How do you and your organization enhance sustainable development? Make a commitment and join us in shaping the best possible Finland by 2050! Weasel Software develops and maintains a sustainability-orientated website Sitoumus2050 for Prime Minister’s Office, as we believe in web development with a cause and in a better common tomorrow.


Responsibility and sustainable development will become tangible with concrete examples through the Sitoumus2050 service. A service targeted at individuals, businesses and third sector actors alike, it encourages to make commitments for a better tomorrow.


Our responsibilities include:

  • Commitment to the development and maintenance of the 2050 online service
  • UX / UI design

The technologies used are e.g. Java, React.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongodB, Elasticsearch, Liferay and Amazon AWS cloud services.